the store

Happy Hound, The Dog Lifestyle Company is proud to offer you everything you need to help your dog live a vibrant and healthy life. Dogs offer so many ways to enhance our lives and we take pride in being a place that will enhance theirs. Whether you have a constant cruiser or the Sunday snoozer, Happy Hound is your one-stop-shop.

Are you looking for healthy nutrition, quality toys, a unique collar, fresh treats, outdoor gear, or even a place to bathe your muddy puppy? We have it all at Happy Hound. Finding the best dog products can be overwhelming, but we have done all the dirty work for you. We research all of our products extensively and everything we carry is top of the line.

At Happy Hound, we dig back to the ancestry of canine nutrition. We carry products that are natural, wholesome, and nationally sourced whenever possible. A dog’s time with us can be short but, by taking a more holistic approach to your dog’s lifestyle, you can enhance the quality of your pet’s life and maybe even extend their time with you.

the owners

Laura and Ross started Happy Hound to share with the community how a more holistic approach can improve your dog’s life. They have seen the difference first-hand with their own dog, Remington, who also happens to be the inspiration for the Happy Hound logo! 

Remington, their Australian Shepherd mix experienced chronic knee and groin issues that impacted his quality of life. Ross and Laura spent hours, which turned to days, and then weeks, researching how to help with these issues. After implementing many natural remedies, the results were amazing. Remington’s joint problems significantly improved.

Laura and Ross want to help you discover products that can be life-changing for your own dog. Stop by Happy Hound and see what all these tails are wagging about!