Welcome to Happy Hound, The Dog Lifestyle Company

Located in Lansdowne Town Center, Happy Hound offers everything you need to keep your pup healthy and happy. Whether you're looking for a specialty dog food, place to clean your pup or a quality, US made toy- you'll be sure to find it here.

Bringing the pup? Of course our store is pet-friendly. We always have plenty of complimentary treats and fresh water for our furry visitors. Be sure to enjoy a nice walk around the town center as part of your visit. Stop by and see us today!

One Stop Shop

Are you looking for healthy nutrition, quality toys, a unique collar, fresh treats, outdoor gear, fun events or even a place to bathe your muddy puppy? We have it all at Happy Hound.

Squeaky Clean

No more cold, outdoor baths or messy indoor bathing. Stop by Happy Hound and enjoy our private, self-serve wash stalls where we provide everything you need to clean your pup.


Don't let the name deceive you. 
Happy Hound has everything you need for a cheerful cat. 


the products

Here at Happy Hound we stand behind all of the products we offer. If we believe something is no longer a quality product we stop carrying it. Simple as that. We are constantly changing our lines as we discover awesome, new products. Stop in often to see what's new!

Have you ever found a quality product while traveling or visiting a friend only to come home and not be able to find it in any of the local stores? Do you make a quality pet product that our customers would enjoy? Send us an e-mail to Laura@happyhoundco.com and tell us about it- we love finding great, new products!